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hi!It's me!
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Hi I am Shelly!2 4 years old and 5'8 in height I am me and being Happy being me!And i am single!and ready to mingle!hahaha! I love all of my friends, especially my Best Jasmin and all my other girls. Oh...and i also like drinking....who doesn't though. I love my cosmopolitan's and malibu and coke's. So to sum it all up i am someone people call 'Out there' and 'Loud' but i don't give a continental because i am what i am and I am proud of it! I enjoy: Music (mostly love songs) Sexual Activity Shopping Chocolate and Candies Underwear and The beach! I love smiling till my face hurts! I want to be a model! My fave food is probably my Lasagna (I make frikin awesome Lasagna!)Favorite drink? Rum & coke with fresh lime, Beer (extra Dry or Coronas) and Bubbles!!! On celebrities I am a big fan of Kate Winslet,Angelina Jolie,Jennifer Aniston,Miley Cyrus,Megan Fox, Brad Pitt,Keannu Reeves, Huge Jackman! I just wanna have fun.. life is way too short not to.

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Age 37 years old 18 - 75 yrs old
Location North Miami,Florida,United States
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality United States
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Religion Christian � Other
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Profession Sales / Marketing

What I'm looking for

Anyone who'd like to meet! People who are outgoing like me and reaching for the stars just as I am. Also anyone interested in getting together to work and better each others portfolios or any paid gigs as well. A guy that will make me happy!not old same shit!hahaha!Crazy people,who loves music that will rock my world!and guy who is honest,simple,fun,creativ e and who can fuck my world to the fullest!hahahah!
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